MATHCOUNTS, the first nationwide program of its kind, combines the efforts of education, business, government and the technological community to promote math excellence among junior high school students.

MATHCOUNTS was developed over 30 years ago as a positive and rewarding solution to reversing the current problem of math illiteracy and as a way to make parents, educators and the general public aware of career opportunities in math. The program builds skills, promotes strategic problem-solving and drills students in dealing with complex problems and hard-to-handle numbers - all a critical part of our technological society. It also provides an opportunity to bring 7th and 8th graders together to prompt lively exchange of mathematical ideas through competition.

MATHCOUNTS impacts these student "mathletes" at an age when they are formulating attitudes about math and technology and when they can still elect to take college math courses in high school.

Indiana has performed well at the national level, placing in the top ten several years in a row, including being the national champion in 1995.


Chapter Competitions

State Competition

National Competition


ISPE thanks the Purdue Federal Credit Union for Supporting the Indiana MATHCOUNTS program.


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For more information, visit the NATIONAL MATHCOUNTS website