Central Indiana Chapter: Excuse Me!

Central Indiana Chapter: Excuse Me!
Interruption science is the interdisciplinary scientific study concerned with how interruptions affect human performance, and the development interventions to ameliorate the disruption cased by interruptions. Interruption science is branch of human factors psychology and emerged from human-computer interaction and cognitive psychology. (Who knew this was even a science?)

Office workers face a number of interruptions due to information technologies such as email, text messages, and phone calls. One line of research in interruption science examines the disruptive effects of these technologies and how to improve the usability and design of such devices. According to Gloria Mark, "the average knowledge worker switches tasks every three minutes, and, once distracted, a worker can take nearly a half-hour to resume the original task". Mark conducted a study on office workers, which revealed that "each employee spent only 11 minutes on any given project before being interrupted".

One of the major challenges associated with increased reliance on information technologies is they will send users notifications without considering current task demands. Answering notifications impedes task performance and the ability to resume to the original task at hand. In addition, even just knowing that one has received a notification can negatively impact sustained attention.

As an employee or employer interruptions are costing us time and energy. This presentation will be an interactive discussion on interruption science, how it affects us and most importantly what we can to do minimize them. Information will be provided about the science and the studies that have been done on interruptions. The interactive portion will involve a competition so come prepared to test your mettle and skills against other teams. Don't worry this will not involve any physical activity but you might want to sit with some smart people.


Nancy Stinson (ISPE Member) Nancy has a diverse history in project management - she has put color into color TV, painted Mack Trucks, tripled the size of the Columbus OH Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plans, performedfacility construction, design, and management; managed 160 navy civilians with a $60M balance sheet.

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